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Experimenting with @matrix with end to end encryption. Come chat with us at or if you don't already have a client. Thanks to @disroot for their services!

- @wxl

Lubuntu 16.04.3 has been released!

This release does NOT include PowerPC, although users of the PowerPC platform can still receive updates. This is due to the fact that PowerPC users would be left with an unsupported kernel because PowerPC is no longer supported in the non-LTS releases.

More info:

Lubuntu Artful Aardvark Alpha 2 (soon to be 17.10) has been released! Also in this release (in addition to the usual LXDE ISO) is an experimental image with LXQt instead of LXDE.

You can grab the Lubuntu images from here:

You can grab the experimental Lubuntu Next images from here:

More info:

Good news today, a nice mastodon client is available in -droid

I was enable to connect Tusky or twidere to my instance recently, so I'm happy to have an app back on my phone, which works, and from f-droid :-)

Petite instance sur mon avec , enfin opérationnelle et à jour de la 1.4.7 :-)

Le code est dispo ici, à 95 % inspiré de d'excellente l'image de @wonderfall :-)

Back online after a database corruption 😒 Lost all toots, subscriptions and history (but only 1 user affected 😀 )

We will see if the federation works again after a clean re-install with a new database. It's a good live testing 😀


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